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Beach Day, 36"x 36", oil on canvas, SOLD

Moonrise  SOLD

​36"x24" OIl on Canvas

Sky Suite: Oil Paintings


​36"x24" Oil on Canvas

Stairway to Heaven, 24"x 24", oil on canvas, SOLD

​   Sky Suite is a collection of layered oil paintings ranging in size from 2” x 3” to 40” x 40”, created in 2016 through the present. The Sky Suite works communicate a feeling of calm and peace. Tranquility is a theme throughout the collection, which consists of four series: Cloudscapes, Trees, Birds, and the Gargoyle Series. The body of work includes over 70 paintings which often contain a suggestion of location at the bottom of the canvas.
   The palette is predominantly shades of blue hues: cobalt, cerulean, French ultramarine and phthalo blues. I first establish the light source and flavor the clouds with yellows, pinks and violets appropriate to the time of day, season and weather. Often I begin with a light orange ground which subtly brightens blue, its compliment.
   My greatest influence and inspiration has been the work on Michelangelo. I have twice traveled to Italy where I was fortunate to see the Sistine Chapel both before and after cleaning restoration.
   It is easy to fall in love with staring up at the sky and the tops of earthbound forms that pierce the clouds. Most of my skies are observed on the Eastern Sea Coast. 

   The gargoyles, grotesques and stonework are inspired by those at the National Cathedral atop Mt. St Alban in Washington, DC. I also love the sky and seascapes in the Caribbean Islands

   I welcome commission projects to suit a particular environment or location. Prices are available upon request. 

   Please enjoy Sky Suite and contact me at gudisarts@gmail.com with any inquiries or feedback.​
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Highway Meditation, 30"x 48", oil on canvas

Tree Ballet

36"x36" Oil on Canvas

Salt Pond

24"x24" Oil on Canvas