​​​​​​Annie Guthrie Gudis                                                                                    


Natalie and the Eagle, Oil on Canvas

​Private Collection

Little Sarah, Oil on Canvas

​Private Collection

Shelley Alone, Oil on Canvas

​Private Collection

Rochelle, Oil on Canvas

Irene, Oil on Canvas


Sea Self, Oil on Canvas

Private Collection

After completing BFA degree in Painting at the Corcoran College of Art in 1993, I worked for five years as a studio artist. These paintings, completed between 1992 and 1997, are primarily informed by my career as a ballet dancer, as well as from an artistic pilgrimage I took to Rome in 1992 to experience the newly restored Sistine Chapel and divinely inspired genius of Michaelangelo. 

​In Italy I fell in love with layered surfaces and Renaissance colors. Upon my return to the States I continued painting dancers, figures and explored  composition in greater detail.